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Munay-ki rites, Andean tradition and Reiki workshops.

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Service Description

The Munay-Ki Rites: These are the rites from the Qero's in Peru, the descendants of the Incas. They are given at this time to help humanity raise it's vibration and enter the 5th world. They are employed to facilitate a deeper connection with our inner being and outer world, the Pachamama, Because in reality we are at one with all. It is a two day workshop (depending on the amount of people), of approximately 7 hours each day, where there is an introduction and talk about what the rites really are and its history. Then we explain what the Pi stone is and how to use it. After which we teach how to open the “Wiracocha” or energetic field and how the rites are performed. Then there is an initiation of each rite and a practice of it. We also explain andean cosmogony and other important ideas of the ancient inca/andean culture. And finally, there is the initiation of the Rite of the womb which heals the sacred feminine. It is a beautiful journey that helps us reach our highest potential thanks to the Munay-ki or “energy of the heart”. ​ Reiki 'Universal life energy', Is about channelling energy through the body of the therapist to direct it where it is needed. In some cases right above the body of the person, in others, in the different layers of the aura. This way, we improve how we relate and connect to the world on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. This integration enables the formative life force to reach into your system unimpeded. Each Reiki workshop has a different structure depending on the level. The first level is to begin the contact with the world of energy and the understanding of the universal energy. The second level is to start the path of helping in the healing of other people, and deeping in the understanding of the energies. The third level is to settle the Reiki energies and your commitment on the Reiki healing path. And connecting with a higher level of consciousness. And finally, the mastery is about learning how to teach others and start your long journey as Reiki master. Each workshop is two days long (depending on the amount of people) of approximately 6 hours each. It teaches some theory about how the energies work, the Reiki symbols and also has meditations to connect with them. Also the initiations and the opening and cleansing of the main energetic channel are performed.

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  • 10-12 Egan Street, Newtown NSW, Australia


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