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About Mariona

I am a dedicated and committed Energetic Healing Therapist from Barcelona, Spain. Currently living in the Northern Beaches of Sydney in Australia.

Master of Reiki Usui and therapist of different healing modalities, initiated in the Munay-ki rites and the Rite of the womb. With formation in Past life regressions, Ayurveda, Chinese traditional medicine and Naturopathy.

After working extensively in my hometown as a therapist, I was guided to embark on a global Initiatic journey to learn new techniques to help others heal, balance their energy and facilitate contact with their inner core. 

Over the past 10 years I have participated in the world of Energetic healing. During this time I have gained a high degree of expertise and my love for the field has not faltered. By channeling the needs of my patients, I assist them towards balance.

With the experience I have gained I employ a unique approach in that I use several combined therapies for a very personalized and tailored treatment.

I am also a devoted teacher of Reiki and Munay-ki rites workshops. My main goal is to expand spirituality and give tools to whoever is interested in acquiring them, so this way they can grow more easily to become their true self.

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